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I'm Back!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Hey there folks. Sorry for being gone for so long. I have had way too many shenanigans since my last update.

After the world destroyer movie did not get funded, I felt like a career change was about to happen. Fortunately, I got called to work on Fox's Cosmos. That job led to

many other industry jobs. However, every job would require me to learn new software or techniques. Not to mention, I moved three times, and have a family that needs me as well.

Well, with all of my time consumed by everyone and everything, I had not much left to give to my personal art. However, I have chipped away at it when I could. Anyway, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am making an animated short. What I didn't say, was that it was based in the world of, "world destroyer", although a bit cuter. And yes, I know I promised it would be released a million years ago... but as luck would have it, work just kept coming in.

Everyone who is still following me, thank you so much for your support and patience. Ill do my best to post as frequently as I can. I hope I can get to giving you more world destroyer soon. In the meantime, enjoy the revamped version of my old podcast, which is now in video format. Check it out using the link above.

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