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My name is Anthony Gardea and I am an animator, cartoonist, and film maker. I am aslo the founder of Nominous Animation. During the day I grind it out working in the animation industry and at night I'm Batman.... just kidding. I'm a sad, stressed, over worked, artist trying to create with barely anything left of his soul to give.

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I began Nominous Animation LLC back in 2016 with the intention to make my own cartoons. My first order of business was to start a crowd funding campaign to make an animated feature film called, "World Destroyer". (Watch trailer here.) Unfortunately, it failed. However, that project lead me to a job at FOX, which lead me to more jobs in the industry. 

Now with many more acquired skills, I intend to venture forth and finish my film. However, its gonna be a long haul since I lack the resources. So bare with me till I build them up. In the meantime, I'll release animated shorts based in the world of my, in progress, film and videos of me talking to a swamp monster.

For those still sticking around,


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